Good reasons to come to the Casale

Due the intereting places on the zone

mappaWe are located in the middle of an infinite range of turistic locations: Between Roma and Napoli, as large urban centers; San Felice Circeo, Sabaudia, Sperlonga y Terracina, the sea towns; Sermoneta, Cori, Sezze, Priverno the mountain towns; Oasis de Ninfa, the national Circeo park, the Pontinas islands anb Vesuvio as natural peculiarities ; The Pompeia ruins, the Tiberio museum, La Piana delle Orme and much more!

Cause you will not resist to the kitchen

The Pianura Pontina is well knowed for his typical seafood, countryside and mountain cuisines, with local delicacies like Mozzarella di Bufala, oils and olives, hams and cold meats, fresh vegetables  and artisan bread. 
Also at the Casale always you will find vegetarian plates!


Due the weather

A nice weather, from April until October, that invites you to go to the beach at summer and make excursions also in the less warm months of the year.


Because come here is so easy

llegarThe connections with international airports are:  Roma Fiumicino, Roma Ciampino y Napoli Capodichino.
The highway A1 that connects us with all Europe and a motorway arrives until the Casale doors.
Finally, a large ferroviary and bus network connect us with the bigger and little cities

Because our history will surprise you!

storiaThe unique charm of casale, rich in present and past history. An unbeatable offert on this zone, reserved to who really know how to appreciate this kind of exclusivities.
The house, an old grain storehouse on 1500, was taked to familly hands at the ends of 1700, with the arrival of the Bonifica Pontina. Lots of histories told that we will be very happy to share.

Due the lots of zones where spend your time inside the Casale

sceltaThe past centuries distinguishes today his particular atmosfere: the indoor courtyard, the wooded park, the stone structure and supporting beams. The stairs, where was the pass zone of mules and horses. The big lounges, where previously was, in one stance cows, and in the other grain, now are fresh and relaxing spaces, always rich on activities and different initiatives!

Because you won't know waht to choose

zoneHis flats and rooms, decorated simply, functionals and completed, fresh on summer and never cold on winter, will surprise you.
We are surrounded of nature, history and pleasant company.

Cause our guest are always specials

Every year the Casale get guest of all the world. Travel partners  that find in this world ancient retreat , that always get a fusion of all, of different languajes and places.


Due their activities

Because the different activities. From the music to the theater throught the cinema. From book releases until expositions. Birthdays, launches, partys... The Casale, from the year 1500 is a rich activity center.


For us

The residents of Casale always open, and with pleasure, his home. Giving away to their guests all the util information of the zone, often accompanied for otuings, that in other way, couldn't be possibles. Other times arranging launchs where share histories, always gratefully, year after year to hese guests that collaborate to large tradition of hospitality in the Casale Rappini.